As part of Ed’s Poetry March Madness I wrote an 8 line kids’ poem that used the word ‘androgynous.’
It was a pretty tough word so I spent a lot of time staring at the ceiling, walking in circles, and scratching my head. In the end, I wrote three that were ok… I liked ‘Snacktime’ best but both of my boys preferred ‘The Dragonologist.’

Are we girl dragons or boy dragons?
     How can you tell?
Well, look at the very small scale on the tip of our nose…
Come on in…
     Come a little closer…
          …  just a liiiittle closer …


[PS: We’re androgynous. And you humans are gullible
and tasty.]

The Dragonologist
Dr. Elvis Prosser needs a chapter for his thesis,
Wants to know if dragons are a mister or a missus.
Dr. Elvis Prosser, though a noted dragonologist,
Comes up with a plan, that is utterly ri-di-cu-lous.
Dr. Elvis Prosser sneaks into a dragon’s cavern
Cautiously he strikes a match to light his miner’s lantern.
Prosser learns, alas, that they are hazardous and ravenous
Silly Prosser, don’t you know that dragons are androgynous.

The Snarlinks
They’re ravenous and gluttonous.
Their breath is rank and poisonous.
They’re mutinous and villainous —
Their lawlessness is oft discussed.
They live in dungeons, cavernous.
Their gender? It’s extraneous —
Approaching one’s too hazardous.
Perhaps they are androgynous.

Which poem would you have entered in Poetry March Madness?

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9 Responses to Androgynous

  1. Linda Baie says:

    I did vote Katya, and loved the clever wording in your dragonologist poem. But I also like the other two. What a dilemma to have to choose only one! Best wishes to you in the competition!

    • kczaja says:

      Thanks, Linda.
      That darn seeding… I’m bummed neither of us made it to the next round. I really liked your twist on ‘paternity’.

  2. Greg Pincus says:

    Good stuff, Katya! Androgynous is not an easy word. I also ended up with a bonus poem from my word that I’ll share at some point, but three? Fabulous!

  3. Tara says:

    Wow…that was one hard word to work with, but you managed to pull off three clever ones!

  4. Ruth says:

    Wow! How to choose? They are all wonderful! I did vote and it looks like my choice is the most popular, at least for now.

  5. Hi there Katya, I loved all three, but since you asked, I chose one, and voted for it. And yup, it also seemed like the popular choice. Not to say, though, that the rest are not as good. I loved every bit of them, being a dragon baby myself. ;-) Yup, it’s my year. :)

  6. Mary Lee says:

    Great poems — all three! (That was one stinkin’ hard word!!!)

  7. kczaja says:

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. It is very interesting to me that the poem (of the three) that I liked least is the crowd favorite…
    I actually liked it when I wrote it but when I read it aloud, I didn’t like how it sounded. It occurred to me that many people may not read poems aloud when they read them — I always read a poem silently in my head and if I like it I will then read it aloud to hear how it sounds… Maybe that’s a Russian thing?