April Journal Quilt, brainstorming — WIP Wednesday

11 days into April, I am still in the brainstorming phase of my monthly journal quilt.

This weekend the kids had fun experimenting with Easter eggs dyeing, which, of course, made me think of dyeing fabric.
I created two palettes from the picture I took of the eggs.

I think the first is more harmonious, so I might try to make something using those colors. I’ve never tried to dye to a specific color before so this will be a challenge. Which palette go you like better? The first? The second? Should I pull from a different part of the picture?

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2 Responses to April Journal Quilt, brainstorming — WIP Wednesday

  1. Linda Baie says:

    A quick response Katya. I love the purple in the first one with all those greens, and others. I’m looking forward to your creation!