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Hugo Award: Professional Artist

Artist: Julie Dillon (also on Deviant Art) Learn More: Apex Magazine interview and another interview at the Little Red Reviewer. She also has a couple of posts where you see her artistic process. Having just spent two weeks digging a bog in my … Continue reading

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Hugo Awards: Fanzine

I thought a fanzine was a self-published magazine written by fans with narrow subject focus but, like a magazine, containing a wide variety of articles. The Hugo definition is “[…] anything that is neither professional nor semi-professional and that does not … Continue reading

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Hugo Awards: Short Fiction

I’m not a huge short-fiction reader. It is hard to do short fiction right — when it works it is magic and the rest of the time, not so much This year’s nominees range from couldn’t-get-through to decent. “The Parliament … Continue reading

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Bog! Bog! Bog!

At the corner of our house we have an area where it is difficult to divert the water away from he foundation in an attractive way. I’ve spend the last two weeks digging a dry creek bed (4″ deep, 12″ … Continue reading

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The Goblin Emperor

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison My rating: 4 of 5 stars TL;DR The Goblin Emperor is a fascinating and ambitious work. While I didn’t love it, the premise was interesting enough and the writing strong enough to merit 4 … Continue reading

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The Dark Between the Stars

The Dark Between the Stars by Kevin J. Anderson My rating: 2 of 5 stars I would like to thank this book — my kitchen is clean and the laundry is folded because every time I picked up this book, … Continue reading

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Vogon Poetry and Rabid Puppies

Struggling through some of the nominations on the Rabid Puppy slate, I’ve come to the only logical conclusion I can — Rabid Puppies are Vogons. You remember Vogons, right? They are the aliens from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that … Continue reading

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I am voting for the HUGO awards this year (and you should, too)

I enjoy cultural voyeurism. I find a corner of the internet and, for months, read the seminal blogs and websites of that culture. Looking at the world through a new lens fascinates me — it is probably why I love … Continue reading

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Kenning Poetry

In January, I had to pull my younger son, The Chef, out of school. It was a difficult decision and the boy I pulled out was a ghost of the child he had been in August. To rekindle his spark … Continue reading

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Poetry Friday Early Birds!

Welcome, Poetry Friday early birds — leave a comment and I’ll compile your entries with the post when it goes live tomorrow morning!

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