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February was a *very* long month here. Gearbox got bitten by a spider on a camping trip. The spider bite developed a serious staph infection – his knee swelled to the size of an orange. Visiting the doc for the … Continue reading

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March Madness Poetry, 2013

I GOT IN!!!!! I’m sure I’ll have more to say once I’ve stopped dancing around the house, celebrating.

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Rachel Ray, say it ain’t so! GF Fail

Pickle, my youngest, is really into cooking. Last Wednesday he made a 3 course Thai dinner from scratch. As a treat, I wanted to get him another magazine so I picked up the March issue of EveryDay with Rachel Ray. … Continue reading

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The weathermen are predicting 2+’ of snow here. The schools are closed. The roads are closed. The town is closed. This afternoon we’ll have white-out conditions, warm fires, and hot-cocoa drinking. The kids are sitting by the window and waiting … Continue reading

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Camping, the Klondike, and cold

This weekend my son is going on a klondike-themed scout trip. The troop will be trying their hands at goldrush-themed activities, camping in the cold, and earning their blue nose badges. Camping in the cold reminds me of college and … Continue reading

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Ghostly Galleon

It’s bitterly cold here this week. The bitter cold makes the moon and stars seem brighter and more inviting — I want to step out onto my back porch and look at the stars but **brrr** it’s too cold. So … Continue reading

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“Like mushrooms in Spring”

I often mis-remember/combine/ or translate idiomatic phrases, much to the puzzlement and amusement of those around me. I cleaned up my studio on Sunday, sat down at my drawing table, and couldn’t think of anything to draw or paint. Sometimes … Continue reading

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The Winter Tree: Poetry Friday

When my boys were younger, I bought a lot of poetry books for them. One of our favorites is A Snowflake Fell: Poems About Winter by Laura Whipple. The book, unfortunately, is out of print. That’s a shame because the … Continue reading

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Who’s at my feeder?

Black-capped Chickadee He’s moved to the rose bushes to eat his millet in peace.

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