Dying to Read More: Gearbox and Mom review “Dying to Meet You” by Kate and Sarah Klise

Gearbox and I want to read the 2012 Nutmeg Nominees this year so I picked up “Dying to Meet You” (Book 1 in the “43 Old Cemetery Road” series). I knew it was going to be good read because I am constantly re-shelving it at the school library but I didn’t anticipate that it was going to be such a fun read that I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in an afternoon (instead of getting work done.) I enjoyed it immensely. I can’t remember the last time a book actually made me giggle. Giggle like a kid, giggle.

I wasn’t sure whether Gearbox would enjoy the format of the book (it is told through letters and newspaper clippings)… He finished the book in an afternoon.

So. I’m guessing you liked “Dying to Meet You” since you want me to order the next two books…
It’s an interesting book — you don’t actually get to hear the talking. It is the characters passing notes to each other.
Did you like that or did you find it hard to follow?
I found it quite easy. It’s like “The Homework Machine” except a lot less confusing.
What made this one less confusing?
Well, in “The Homework Machine” it would have a small section and it would just be them doing one part and if you wanted to read more about that part you really couldn’t — you’d just have to move on. This [book] wraps everything up in a terse way (terse is, like, wrap-up quick, right?).

What did you think of the characters?
I think the characters really wanted their own room. The writer, Mr. Grumbly, wanted some personal space so he made some rules. And they added on to a few of those rules. And in the end, ended up breaking most of those rules.
Did you notice their names were puns?
What do you mean?
The real estate agent was Anita Sale, as in, I need a sale. [pause for laughter] You didn’t realize it until I pointed it out?
[Laughing] No. I just read them as they were.

What was your favorite thing about this book?
Probably that all of the characters don’t really come near each other — they pass notes to each other. It was really interesting to read about these people not really talking to each other but [sending each other notes]. Almost like pen pals.

What didn’t you like about the book?
I ended up skipping past the newspapers.
Really? They were so funny.
After the first one, I skipped them. The print was kinda small. It was a lot easier to go back to the conversation.

Gearbox: 4/5 Gears
This is really a pick it up, start reading, and you don’t want to stop [book]. And once you finish the first book, you better have the rest of the series with you because you are going to be dying to read the rest.

Mom: 4/5 Stars
Funny and sweet. Any book that makes me laugh is a winner. Bonus points for the epistolary format which I’ve loved ever since I read “Griffin & Sabine” as a teen.
The illustrations are charming. I especially loved Seymour’s sketch of Olive with curlers in her hair.
On the con side, the plot felt a tad too predictable — I wanted more surprises.

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