Obligatory January instrospection

This week I did my yearly goals brainstorming. I broke my life into areas that I wanted or needed to focus more on — art, writing, social media, family, housework, personal growth. Each category quickly sprouted a half dozen goals that I felt really good about. Patting myself on the head, I went and made a second cup of coffee and started looking at the goals to prioritize them. Then I realized the futility of this yearly exercise. More than half were the same goals I had LAST year!


So I had a minor epiphany. Life throws too many curve balls for me to make concrete plans — instead I need priorities so when life pulls out the rug from under my feet, I can quickly refocus on what matters the most. As I was hunting around the internet for a framework for my new plan, I found this poem and it resonated:

New Years Resolutions
by Elizabeth Sewell

I will drain
Long draughts of quiet
As a purgation;

Twice daily
Who I am;

Will lie o’ nights
In the bony arms
Of Reality and be comforted


How do you think long draughts of quiet are served?
I could sure use to take some as a purgation to calm and recenter.
Are they a bitter tea? A scotchy cocktail? A Manhattan? Meditation?
Perhaps I have to take them twice daily as part of remembering who I am?

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4 Responses to Obligatory January instrospection

  1. Tabatha says:

    Enjoyed your post! What an interesting poem. So few words, but so powerful and vivid! The last line seems unfinished to me. Like maybe it should be “Of Reality and be comforted” instead of “Of Reality and comforted.” ?

    • kczaja says:

      Initially all 3 version I found online had that odd last line, but after more research I found one version that says, “be comforted” so I updated the poem to reflect that.
      I also bought “Cities and Signs” so I’ll have the definitive answer in a week. :-)

  2. Mary Lee says:

    This post and poem are “cousins” to mine this week. Those dang new year’s goals/resolutions/must-dos…

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