Owls — Poetry Friday

The Judge is like the Owl by Emily Dickinson

The Judge is like the Owl—
I’ve heard my Father tell—
And Owls do build in Oaks—
So here’s an Amber Sill—

That slanted in my Path—
When going to the Barn—
And if it serve You for a House—
Itself is not in vain—

About the price—’tis small—
I only ask a Tune
At Midnight—Let the Owl select
His favorite Refrain.

Emily’s owl liked the oak by the barn; the owl in my neighbohood prefers maple to oak. The maple outside my bedroom window, in particular. He’s a late riser — he starts his mournful song at around 11 and then his friend joins in around midnight and they sing their ‘favorite refrain’ until the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes the coyotes echo their song.

Guess who was kept up by the owls last night?

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7 Responses to Owls — Poetry Friday

  1. Linda Baie says:

    I like that movement from verse one to two. ‘So here’s an amber sill–/that slanted in my path”. It seems that Emily wrote the poem just for you, Katya. I love that you have an owl out your window.

  2. jama says:

    We always get excited when we spot an owl. Not too many in our woods, unfortunately. Love their distinctive sounds. Thanks for the Emily poem :).

  3. Laura Shovan says:

    Hi, Katya. I’m amazed by all of the sound interplay in this poem. Still pondering what is suggested by the first line, “The Judge is like the Owl.”

  4. There is something about owls that seem so pensive. And wise. :) I hope the owl’s refrain in your case was a thing of beauty. :)

  5. Mary Lee says:

    Lucky you! (Though sleepless, you might not agree…)

  6. I LOVE owls! And maple trees! I’d say you’re lucky. Why don’t you return the favor and keep the owls up tonight by reciting Emily’s poem to them. :)

  7. Short Poems says:

    Beautifully expressed :)