Poetry Friday — holiday feast edition

Inviting a Friend to Supper by Ben Johnson

Tonight, grave sir, both my poor house, and I
Do equally desire your company;
Not that we think us worthy such a guest,
But that your worth will dignify our feast
With those that come, whose grace may make that seem
Something, which else could hope for no esteem.
It is the fair acceptance, sir, creates
The entertainment perfect, not the cates.
Yet shall you have, to rectify your palate

We have a feast of poetry for you this week. The best part? You can eat all you want because this feast has zero calories but will leave you feeling full and happy.(you can read Johnson’s full poem over at Poetry Foundation.)

Appetizers (haiku)

Carmela at Teaching Authors shares a thank you note to school librarians written in the form of a Thanku poem.

Matt Forest is celebrating the transition between fall and winter with a haiku.

Robyn Hood Black is continuing her “We Haiku Here” series featuring speakers from the recent Haiku Society of America regional haikufest in Atlanta. Up today: poet, speaker, college instructor, and editor Laurence Stacey.

Joy at Poetry for Kids also brings us a Thanksgiving haiku.

At On Point, Lorie Ann has a haiku, Santorini Sunset.

Salad Course (seasonal poems)

If you’re on the road this holiday season, you’ll appreciate Mary Lee Hahn’s contribution this week at A Year In Reading.

At Father Goose, Charles Ghinga celebrates winter.

If you’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen, be sure to head over to The Drift Record where Julie shares a Mary Czybist poem. Mary was just named the 2013 winner of the National Book Award for Poetry.

The Main Entree (Thanksgiving poems)

Tabatha Yeatts at The Opposite of Indifference has a several poems from Giving Thanks.

At Tapestry of Words, Becky points us to some books of Thanksgiving poetry and gives a wonderful example of a non-fiction Thanksgiving poem.

Diane Mayr has a smorgasbord for us: at Random Noodling she has an original poem about the Pilgrim women at the first Thanksgiving feast; at Kurious Kitty she presents us with a Valerie Worth Thanksgiving poem; and, in remembrance of the day president John F. Kennedy died, KK’s Kwotes has a quote by JFK.

Michelle Barnes has a clever little greeting card poem about something she’s grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Steven Winthrow at Crackles of Speech has an original poem about giving thanks called Rockhoppers.

Side Dishes (non-fiction, historical)

Laura Shovan at Author Amok has a new post in her kill-your-darlings series. It features an original poem “Freedom Seekers”.

Jone at Check It Out is celebrating one of the CYBILS non-fiction books.

Dessert (sweets and sweet writing projects)

Violet Nesdoly is thinking ahead to Christmas. She has an original poem with a hidden message — can you find it?

Hurry over to Alphabet Soup where Jama is featuring Alphabet Trucks by Samantha Vamos and Ryan O’Rourke. She is offering up lovely, edible trucks — dibs on the chocolate truck.

Amy at The Poem Farm has a poem inspired by a linty pair of pants and an old favorite book.

Alice at Supratentorial shares a writing project she did with her boys based on The Months by Sara Coleridge.

Margaret at Reflections on the Teche is writing poems with her 6th graders featuring repetition.

Cocktails and toddys (Friday additions)

Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe is posting from Boston today with a piece about Amy’s electromagnetic field.

This week at Keri Recommends, Keri shares a book trailer that caused her to fall in love with a book before she has seen it.

Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect offers an original villanelle for the holiday.

Let’s give a big Poetry Friday welcome to a new poster – Max at Teaching from Behind! Max shares an original poem
about waking up to the first real snow of winter and sharing it with his three-year-old daughter.

At The Drawer of M.M. Socks we have a poem called The Artist of Field 122.

Mariletta Robinson is letting us know what Antoine the Anteater is thankful for.

At Bildungsroman we get the first stanza of The Dream by George William Russell.

Liz Steinglass has an apology poem today.

And at Gathering Books we’re in for a yummy fairy treat from Jane Yolen.

Ruth at There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town has a Paul Laurence Dunbar poem today called “Merry Autumn.”

At Mainely Write, Donna shares an original cold weather poem – “Rosy”.

Dia Calhoun has a poem inspired by a photo of a sailboat that caught the light on a dark bay.

Betsy at I Think in Poems shares an original poem about poetry singing a song as the sun sets in red.

Enjoy some Charlotte Zolotow at Semicolon.

*** Good Morning, Poetry Peeps. I think I’m all caught up so if I missed your entry… drop me a line. I’m looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea later today and really getting to enjoy this poetry feast ***

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20 Responses to Poetry Friday — holiday feast edition

  1. Pingback: friday feast: cruisin’ along with alphabet trucks by samantha r. vamos and ryan o’rourke | Jama's Alphabet Soup

  2. Heidi Mordhorst says:

    Hi, Katya!
    Posting from Boston today with a piece about Amy’s electromagnetic field. http://myjuicylittleuniverse.blogspot.com/2013/11/passing-poetime.html

  3. Thank you again for hosting, Katya. I love the meal set-up idea and the poem you greet us with! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Good morning Katya!

    I feel like I’m late to the party! ;-) Thanks for hosting with such a clever format and warm welcome. This week at Keri Recommends I’m sharing a book trailer that caused me to fall in love with a book before I’ve seen it. I hope you enjoy it, too! http://kerirecommends.com/2013/11/22/book-trailer-for-the-man-with-the-violin.aspx

  5. Tricia says:

    Hi Katya,
    I’m in today with an original villanelle for the holiday.
    Thanks for hosting!

  6. Yes, thanks again for hosting, Katya! I haven’t read any Ben Jonson in forever and really enjoyed this. May we all wake up next Friday with no regrets about what went into our mouths or words that came from them! ;0)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s what Antoine the Anteater is thankful for. http://mariletarobinson.com/antoine-the-anteater

  8. Thanks for hosting! I posted the first stanza of The Dream by George William Russell (Æ) at my blog, Bildungsroman.

  9. Loving how both yesterday and today you found such perfect poems to carry your message. And what a brilliant idea to structure the round-up as a menu! This is a fabulous feast, Katya, thank you.

  10. Thanks for hosting, Katya! At Poet! Poet! I have a small poem about taking small steps:


    Enjoy the holiday in your new home!

  11. Hi Katya! I’m all in for a zero-calorie, scrumptious feast! Thanks for taking time to host Poetry Friday this week! I’m up at Gathering Books for an equally yummy fairy treat from Jane Yolen.


  12. Liz says:

    Thanks so much for hosting. What a feast! And so healthy!
    I have an apology poem today.

  13. Dia Calhoun says:

    Thanks for hosting. My poem WHITE SAIL was inspired by a photo I took of a sailboat that caught the light on a dark bay. The photo is on my blog. http://diacalhoun.blogspot.com/2013/11/poetry-friday-white-sail.html

  14. Joy Acey says:

    Can I add my haiku post to the appetizers? I have a thanksgiving haiku.

    I’m at http://www.poetryforkidsjoy.blogspot.com

    Thanks for hosting us Katya.

  15. Max Maclay says:

    Katya, Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday! This is my first contribution to Poetry Friday but I’ve been meaning to jump in for a while. My poem is about waking up to the first real snow of winter and sharing it with my three-year-old daughter.

    First Snow

    Cheers! Max

  16. How fun to arrange the entries like this, Katya! Thanks for the work.

    At On Point, I have my haiku Santorini Sunset 2.

    And at readertotz, we have a recommend for My Mom is a Foreigner But Not to Me.

  17. Donna Smith says:

    I have an original cold weather poem for today – “Rosy” at
    Thanks for hosting!

  18. Ruth says:

    I have a Paul Laurence Dunbar poem today called “Merry Autumn.” Thanks for hosting! Can’t wait to come back and sample the feast!

  19. Betsy says:

    Looking forward to reading all the links this weekend. Thanks for hosting!
    I’m in with an original poem about poetry singing a song as the sun sets in red.

  20. Thanks for hosting, Katya! I look forward to reading these.

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