Stormy Morning: Poetry Friday

We’ve had a stunning autumn — the maples in my neighborhood are a more intense gold and crimson than I’ve ever seen outside of New Hampshire. Sadly, today’s wind and rain will bring down the last of the leaves on most of the trees. Except our oak. We have an enormous oak in our yard that stubbornly waits until winter to drop its leaves. Stubbornness seems to be an oak character trait because Robert Frost calls out an oak for this behavior:

The leaves are all dead on the ground,
Save those that the oak is keeping
To ravel them one by one
And let them go scraping and creeping
Out over the crusted snow,
When others are sleeping.

If you’d like to see the rest of the poem, visit The Poetry Foundation.

It’s a wet and blustery day here. What better way to spend a rainy and windy day than curling up with a poem?

Laura Purdie Salas has this month’s ekphrastic Poetry Sisters poem.

At A Wrung Sponge, Andromeda shares her ekphrastic Poetry Sisters contribution.

Two more ekphrastic poems by Poetry Sisters: Tanita’s “Unmitigated” and Kelly’s “Caged Goddess.

Another Poetry Sister, Sara, shares her ekphrastic poem “Growth Spurt”.

At Today’s Little Ditty you can read about Rebecca M. Davis’ favorite poems and the latest DMC Challenge.

Robyn Hood Black shares a giggle-inducing poem, “Eletelephony”, to brighten your morning.

If this weather is making you sneezy, Mary Lee Hahn has the poem for you at A Year of Reading.

When my teen starts to drive this summer, I will have to revisit the poem “When the World Learned to Drive” that Irene Latham is sharing at Live Your Poem.

Continuing in the driving theme, at Reading to the Core you can relive your childhood experiences of “Driving at Night.”

While you’re driving you may see turbines like the ones that inspired Bridget’s poem, “Turbine Rhyme”.

At Random Noodling you can read about a recent poetry performance inspired by an old African burying ground and at Kurious Kitty, there’s a short poem from David Ignatow, “Subway.”

If trains are more your thing than the subway, visit Jama’s Alphabet Soup for some Alphabet Trains.

If you’re not fond of creepy crawlies, Molly Hogan’s “Don’t Make Your Bed” will give you the shivers.

At Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme, Matt shares and original November poem and information about the Poetry… Cubed contest.

Tabatha Yeatts has no one to blame but herself when she shares apology poems.

I’ll be thinking of CB Hanek’s “A Little Girl’s Lament to Her Poppy” as I attend the Veteran’s Day Parade today.

Karen Edmisten, Billy Collins, and I share a common trait, “Forgetfulness” so I really appreciated her contribution this morning.

Linda, at Teacher Dance, is inspired by the season to share some autumnal poetry.

Celebrate the month of November with some timely poems at Wild Rose Reader.

Teaching Authors kicks off Three Weeks of Thanks-Giving and shares a Thanks-Giving Thanku poem

For some mermaid pottery and poetry, pay a visit Penny Parker Klosterman.

Laura Shovan at Author Amok wants to share the poem “It’s Lovely to Watch Young Women” with the protagonist of the upcoming YA novel The Girl Who Fell.

Carol at Carol’s Corner shares a poem from the Cybil-nominated anthology Jumping Off Library Shelves.

Sheri Doyle shares a picture book about one of my favorite poets, e.e. cummings.

Sylvia Vardell explored the intersection of science and poetry in a playful way at Poetry for Children.

Amy at The Poem Farm shares a poem for a rainy day, “Rainstory.”

At All About Books, Janet shares a picture book of animal poems.

Little Willow posted a piece of “Accounts” by Rae Armantrou at Bildungsroman.

At Beyond Literacy Link, Carolshares an Autumn-inspired digital composition.

Joy shares an original haiku and watercolor at Poetry for Kids.

Jone shares a Veteran’s Day poem at Check It Out.

Kathryn re-discover a “Postcard from Mars”.

Another Poetry Sisters checks in at The Miss Rumphius Effect with an Ekphrastic Poem.

Poetry Sister Liz shares her ekphrastic poem, too.

For some life lessons from elementary poems head on over to Reflections on the Teche.

If you love Poetry Friday, you’ll appreciate Sally‘s musings.

* I think I’l caught up as of 6pm EDT on Sat… but if I missed you, please leave a comment! *

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27 Responses to Stormy Morning: Poetry Friday

  1. Molly Hogan says:

    Just playing around with free verse poetry and some disturbing information about dust mites!

  2. cb hanek says:

    Thanks for sharing your insights and Robert Frost’s about the tenacious oak tree. How blind we would be without poetry to call our attention to everyday things we look at but don’t see. I’m guilty. Never knew/noticed the stubbornness of oak trees. “Mighty” oaks–think that’s how they got their name? Thanks for hosting and posting. God bless you!

  3. Thanks for this blustery day poem, and thanks for rounding us up! I am in with the Poetry Sisters, doing ekphrastic poems today.

  4. Linda Baie says:

    I too wrote about our wonderful autumn, Katya. It just goes on and on. We had the rain & some snow yesterday, now back to sunny. Enjoy your day, and thanks for the Frost poem. He always does it right, doesn’t he?

  5. I enjoyed reading the lines from Robert Frost. Thanks so much for hosting.

    Today, I have guest collaborators Rosi Hollinbeck and granddaughter, Gracie, with a pottery mermaid and accompanying poem. Delightful!

  6. Laura Shovan says:

    Good morning, Katya! We used to have a tree like your oak. It would hold on to all its leaves and then drop them all in one day.

    I’m continuing the series “Laura’s Bookshelf” with a powerful new YA novel and an equally powerful novel. Shannon Parker’s book THE GIRL WHO FELL is about a star field hockey player whose new boyfriend slowly takes over her life. Rachel Eisler’s poem “It’s Lovely to Watch Young Women” uses basketball to talk about female athletes and competition.

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  9. jama says:

    It’s blustery here today too — though quite warm. In any case, a nice day for a bit of Robert Frost. :)

    Thanks for including my interview with Samantha Vamos in the roundup — she did some incredible research for her new rhyming PB, Alphabet Trains.

    And thanks for hosting today, Katya!!

  10. The Frost poem is perfect for the season. We, too, have been having a lovely fall.
    Today we kick off Three Weeks of Thanks-Giving on our TeachingAuthors blog and I share a Thanks-Giving Thanku poem:
    Thank you to you, Katya, for hosting Poetry Friday today.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing my link, Katya! I was just about to leave it here when I noticed you had already posted it – I really appreciate that! (And thank you for hosting!) And by the way…did you formerly live in NH? I know what you mean about the striking colors, and this year it’s been phenomenal up here!

    • kczaja says:

      I saw your link on Facebook this morning, so I beat you to sharing. I lived in NH for 5 years… my heart is in the White Mountains.

  12. Carol says:

    I’m in with a review JUMPING OFF THE LIBRARY SHELVES, one of the books nominated in the CYBILS poetry category.

  13. Sheri Doyle says:

    Hi, Katya! I enjoyed this Robert Frost poem today. It reminded me of the oak tree we had in the front yard of the house we lived in for 10 years.
    Thank you for hosting!

    Today I am sharing a review of Enormous Smallness:A Story of E. E. Cummings.

  14. tanita says:

    Another poetry sister, checking in with an ekphrastic poem called “unmitigated.”

    I’ll also link Kelly Fineman’s ekphrastic Poetry Sister poem, as she’s away from her desk today:

    Hope you enjoy this blustery day, and thanks for hosting.

  15. Thank you for hosting, Katya! Frost knows his oaks… =)
    Today I have an original poem “Turbine Rhyme” at:

  16. Katya, I love it when we Poetry Friday friends are on the same wavelength. Here south of Buffalo, NY, we’re having the wind and rain today, also inspiring my post. The leaves are all ascatter around the yard….

    My poem at The Poem Farm today is called “Rainstory.”

    Happy Poetry Friday! xo

  17. Thank you for hosting this blustery day! We are in the “good leaf” phase where I live—enough on the trees to make the ground look pretty, but not so many or for so long that they’ve become dank and slippery. :)

    I’m posting my original poem “Growth Spurt” today, as part of the Poetry Sister’s challenge to create ekphrastic poetry this month. We had a really cool image to write about!

  18. Tricia says:

    Another poetry sister checking in late. I’m also in with an ekphrastic poem.

    Thanks for hosting!

  19. I’m chiming in way too late but I so appreciate you hosting. Here’s my ekphrastic poem:

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  21. I hope you are still rounding up this morning. I have some wise little students who wrote poems after listening to poet Naomi Shihab Nye.

  22. Thanks for hosting, Katya! I love that poem by Frost. We have our own stubborn oak, and at least one stubborn person living in the house in its yard!!

    Happy Fall!