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Coffee: Poetry Friday

While looking for a Hawaiian shirt at a thrift shop (for camp), my husband found a classic Italian espresso machine. Taking a risk that it still worked, he lovingly brought it home. It works. It’s a little fiddly, but it produces … Continue reading

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Please Come Flying: Poetry Friday

My husband and I hosted four 11 year old boys this week. My son and his three friends saw New York, boated by the Statue of Liberty and under the Brooklyn Bridge, swam in icy pools, hunted for bullfrogs, played … Continue reading

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Every May I am hit with a wave of wanderlust. Perhaps because we have moved so many times in the summer (4 of the last 10 summers). Perhaps because in the years we didn’t move we did big summer camping … Continue reading

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Diving — Poetry Friday

For Mother’s Day my 11 year old is giving me a book of poems that he wrote. Best Mother’s Day gift, ever. He graciously let me share one of his poems with the world. three simple steps and the board … Continue reading

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Haiku – Poetry Friday

For the last two weeks I’ve broken my writing time into one hour chunks alternating with breaks. Stopping before I felt spent doubled (!!) my productivity. The only downside is having to re-focusing after taking each break. Remembering Laura and … Continue reading

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An early birthday present to myself – Poetry Friday

When I was a twelve, I read Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine. I was instantly smitten with the poetry of his writing. “Dandelion wine. The words were summer on the tongue. The wine was summer caught and stoppered.” When Bradbury came to … Continue reading

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Sestina — Poetry Friday

Since our host this week, Anastasia, hosts STEM Friday as well as Poetry Friday, I wanted to share this mathematical septina I found while perusing the Multi-Author Poetry Blog Tour at UpperRubberBoot. Blogger JoAnne Growney wrote a great blog entry about … Continue reading

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Adrienne Rich — Poetry Friday

I first read Adrienne Rich in college; my well-worn copy of The Fact of a Doorframe has many scraps of paper and folded-over pages marking favorite poems. If you’re not familiar with Adrienne Rich or her writing, the New Yorker … Continue reading

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As part of Ed’s Poetry March Madness I wrote an 8 line kids’ poem that used the word ‘androgynous.’ It was a pretty tough word so I spent a lot of time staring at the ceiling, walking in circles, and … Continue reading

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Humor — Poetry Friday

My right arm is out of commission for two weeks thanks to a ski accident so I am bored and frustrated this week — I’m not supposed to write, type, draw, quilt, or even pick up a cup of coffee. … Continue reading

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