Teach a Boy to Fish: WIP Wed

I haven’t gotten any of my own work done this week because I’ve been helping Gearbox make shirts and a flag for his patrol AND designing a shirt to celebrate a monumental hike some boys did.

I could have made the shirts and flag for Gearbox in half the time it took us to make them together, but watching the satisfaction on his face from doing the whole process himself was priceless. He did the graphic design:
Foot Lobster design
Then burned a screen:
Foot Lobster Screen
Then made 8 shirts:
Foot Lobsters Shirt
And sewed a flag:
Foot Lobsters Flag
As for the whole ‘Foot Lobsters’ thing, I don’t get it either. It’s their patrol name. Not sure how they picked it. To me it sounds like some strange steampunk unit of measurement — “The airship can’t hold out much longer — the engine pressure is approaching 30 footlobsters!”

How awesome is the design? I love the bootprint lobster — Gearbox did all the graphics work himself!

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2 Responses to Teach a Boy to Fish: WIP Wed

  1. Leeanna says:

    That is such a cool design! I didn’t even notice the bootprint until you pointed it out, which is even cooler to me.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    Terrific design that your son did, Katya, & a fun story of your time helping him. My son was in boy scouts & my husband too-learned a lot of things through the years! Thanks for sharing.