Totally unrelated to anything post…

Gearbox (11) is going on his first backpacking trip this weekend. Since he went gluten-free last summer, he has to bring his own food for all the meals.

It’s going to be quite cold (night time temps in the 20’s) so he needs at least one hot meal. Gearbox doesn’t really know how to cook. His patrol shares one pot/stove so the meals have to be either eaten cold or cooked with just boiling water.

I need ultralight, gluten free, backpacking food that can easily be prepared by an 11 year old.


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One Response to Totally unrelated to anything post…

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Obviously this is too, too late. I googled ‘gluten-free backpacking food’ & lots of ideas came up, Katya, but quickly, what about gluten-free bread/crackers with peanut butter & apples + dried fruit, etc.? I don’t know about hot food. Perhaps there are some kind of ramen-type noodles at a health food store?
    Other things I saw on the net can be ordered. Good luck!