An open letter to October

Dear October,

September has just left, and good riddance.

In years past, September and I have gotten along quite well — we both like dry, sunny days, walks in the woods, and sunny-yellow buses taking kids with bright backpacks to school. September heralds the end of summer hiatus and the subsequent start of my writing year. This year September let me down — September had a dalliance with August and brought me wet, hurricane-ridden, mosquito-swarm-infested misery.

All September, I longed for you, October. I looked forward to your cold, crisp weather and your New England finery. And this is how you greet me?! With an inch of rain. With flooding in my studio? With thunder? Why are you pulling all the leaves off of my maple before they are ripe? Where are my crisp, chilly mornings? Please pull yourself together so we can enjoy the time we have.

PS. If you ruin Halloween, I’m looking for a new best friend.

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