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Haiku – Poetry Friday

For the last two weeks I’ve broken my writing time into one hour chunks alternating with breaks. Stopping before I felt spent doubled (!!) my productivity. The only downside is having to re-focusing after taking each break. Remembering Laura and … Continue reading

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Sestina — Poetry Friday

Since our host this week, Anastasia, hosts STEM Friday as well as Poetry Friday, I wanted to share this mathematical septina I found while perusing the Multi-Author Poetry Blog Tour at UpperRubberBoot. Blogger JoAnne Growney wrote a great blog entry about … Continue reading

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As part of Ed’s Poetry March Madness I wrote an 8 line kids’ poem that used the word ‘androgynous.’ It was a pretty tough word so I spent a lot of time staring at the ceiling, walking in circles, and … Continue reading

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Wintry Poems — Poetry Friday

The weather here has been awful — it finally snowed on Thursday night, but the beautiful snow didn’t last. Since then we have had gray, dreary days of rain and sleet that are washing the snow away. I’ve kept busy … Continue reading

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