The Dark Between the Stars

The Dark Between the StarsThe Dark Between the Stars by Kevin J. Anderson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I would like to thank this book — my kitchen is clean and the laundry is folded because every time I picked up this book, I found something more interesting to do.

The writing is stilted and wooden. The dialog is flat. It’s all telling and no showing.

I knew I was in trouble when I read:

Pannebaker had silvery hair and intense eyes, as well as a mustache that framed his mouth all the way down to his chin. Every day in the Sheol lava mines excited him like an adrenaline rush, and his extreme competence sometimes led him to take unwarranted risks for the sheer fun of it.

By page 120 I was skimming instead of reading, waiting for something interesting to happen so I put the book down and abandoned it.

If this is the kind of writing that gets you going, you may enjoy this tedious space opera that has more characters than a Russian novel with none of the charm or drama.

I may try again closer to the Hugos, but for now this is my first DNF in more than a year.


My current “Best Novel” ranking is:
2) Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison
4) No Award
5) The Dark Betweeen the Stars by Kevin Anderson

– I finished Ancillary Justice so I am ready to start Ancillary Sword.
– I’m on book 10 of the Dresden Files so it will take me a while to get to Skin Game. I’m a little burnt out on Harry, but I am enjoying the rest of the universe so I’ll come back to them eventually. So far the series rises above No Award but I’m not sure it is strong enough to rise above Goblin Emperor in the rankings.
– I read the first chapter of Three Body Problem and it looks really promising.

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2 Responses to The Dark Between the Stars

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  2. mister slim says:

    If I vote for the Hugos this year, this novel will be below No Award simply because no one responsible for the new Dune books should ever be eligible for an award. Well, maybe the Bulwer-Lytton.